Essential Shopping List

Marie Claire
Vanity Fair
Cadbury's Creme Eggs and Caramels
Four bottles of duty-free wine

The list I sent with hubby to Scotland. Never had trouble getting any of these things in the third world. ( I KNOW I could pay a small ransom for Marie Claire here, but I won't).


Batgirl said...

Just pray he finds the Creme eggs! I saw some on my first day on a pre Easter trip, and thought: I'll buy them later. That was the last time I found a single Creme egg on my trip! :-)

JEDA said...

My shopping list was tea, tea, and a couple hundred more bags of tea....just in case. Why a girl can't buy plain old Tetley's tea in Bergen simply confounds me.

I saw Cadbury's creme eggs everywhere I looked, so I'm thinking you'll get your fix.

OSLO said...

Girls, my personal shopper let me down. He picked up Cadbury's caramel eggs instead but really I can't complain, as they're even yummier really. Jeda, at least tea is very light in the suitcase compared to chocolate (although very slightly less important to my sanity).

Batgirl said...

Great news: Spotted Cadbury Creme Eggs (both regular and caramel + mini) at Sandvika Storsenter in Oslo, in the candy shop called Dropsen!

OSLO said...

Wow, that IS great news! I'm afraid to get too excited in case they're charging a fortune for them. Don't tell anyone else though. Shh!

Batgirl said...

12 kr per egg... but it was worth it! :-)