Warming the wine and other adventures

I’m feeling some snow envy across the blogosphere; a case of the grass being greener perhaps? Except there hasn’t been a sighting of grass of any colour here in a long time.  

As I placed my glass of red wine in the microwave last night to bring it up to what winemakers consider to be room temperature (although the means might be considered sacrilege among them), I thought that there might a be a few other practicalities of daily life that those of you in warmer climes are unaware of – at least I was before we moved here.

Did you now that when I park the car, I cannot engage the handbrake but must instead keep the car parked in gear? Apparently, handbrakes can freeze in place so, to avoid this, they can’t be used in sub-zero temperatures. Ditto make-up or liquid containers should not be left in the car for extended periods of time.

One delight of living in a cold climate is heated seats in the car. I get in to collect the kids from school shivering and emerge 15 minutes later with a sweaty bum. It’s great! Now if only someone would go to the trouble of designing heated steering wheels, I might actually move into my car for a few months every year. 

This brings me to my bedroom – where all things lead surely? It’s not heated so besides the fact that getting into bed every night is a screamfest – because of the cold you see – the chilly atmosphere has another effect. Mould. Yes it seems that warm bodies + cold windows + dust + time = mould. Clearly it’s not very realistic to remove the first two, but dust removal would seem to be a no-brainer. Except, the thing with dust is that it’s very, very difficult to see in poor light.

And that’s another thing about winter; you don’t get a heck of a lot of light. So I guess mould is just dust’s way of saying, ‘Hey lazy, put the glass of wine down, I’m over here!’. 


Simply-Mel said...

Wow, an education for me...wine in the microwave? crikey....now tell me why your bedroom isnt heated. I thought in all these freakishly cold places that everyone had indoor heating??

I am inside today cos its so darn hot. I wanted to go for a run but got waylaid by shocking amounts of housework now its to hot to run....

Michele said...

Perfect! Your descriptions of winter life here are both highly entertaining and sadly correct. Hey, I like the idea of heated steering wheels! Someone needs to invent that, STAT.

None of the rooms upstairs in our house have heat, either, except for those portable things you can buy at Elkjøp. The ones that make your electricity bill really, really scary?

How long until spring?

OSLO said...

Mel, Don't know why the bedroom isn't heated. the only heating - except for two panels in the kids' rooms - is in the flooring of the first floor (downstairs) and in the bathroom floors.
Michele, thank you! I think this IS spring now that the mornings and evenings are getting brighter - but it's spring, Norwegian-style. I'm thinking the real thing might come around May - if we're lucky.