Just call me practical

The snow plough has cleared the driveway making the mounds of white stuff for the kids to play in as high as the neighour's truck. Husband has driven off to work and will be back tomorrow evening. D1 has gone to school armed with sled and helmet - well an excuse for a sled called a 'bum board' - to use at Brownies. The trampoline has still not collapsed under the weight of the snow; thank goodness we bought quality;-) 
I haven't worn a proper pair of shoes or boots in over a week and have taken to wearing ski pants as a default garment - so comfy, so practical, so economical on the laundry front. OMG! I'm on a slippery slope to Norwegianisation. Going to dust off my beautiful boots now just so I can look at them. Maybe I'll get to wear them in Ireland at April.
P.S. Speaking of glamour - what about those beautiful Obamas and their two children. Talk about gorgeous - and with intellect, integrity and great intentions to boot. Don't you just want to be their friends?

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Batgirl said...

Yes! :-)