Happy Holidays

And the prize for most neglected blog goes to.......I know, I know, yet another thing I'm not managing to get done.

Thank you to all of you who have read and commented, and let's face it, stroked my fragile ego in 2008. I'm a bit blogged out, as this thing called 'life' seems to be all-consuming at the moment. Fingers crossed I'll get my mojo back in 2009.
Happy Christmas to everyone and hope 2009 brings you good health and lots of happy, happy times.


Samual said...

and a god jul to you too!

Michele said...

I like måte Jo! God jul og godt nytt år til du og deres. Bekymrer deg ikke om blogging---we'll see you when we see you! Enjoy the holidays.

ireneintheworld said...

you're not the only prize-winner in this field jo; this is me just beginning again too, and with the reading. i've just belted through poppy's and littered it with comments. catching-up is very pleasant. x