Good Morning

This was the view I awoke to this morning - see the fog/cloud in the field?

It's my 10th wedding anniversary today and yes, I'm thinner, blonder, richer than in 1998 - with a much better view.

My husband is in Stavanger, returning tonight and if I have to say 'Daddy's at work' one more time in response to his adoring son's requests for 'Da, da', I'll scream. That's not to say that he doesn't use the term, 'Mommy' like a mantra; he does. He says it all the time, using me to exercise his vocal chords.

Ain't life just great?

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Heathcote Safari said...

Thought I'd add some sunshine to your foggy day by letting you know that I just discovered your blog ... and love it! Also of Irish extraction, also a bit of a nomad and also love writing. But the Booker Prize? I'll leave that for you ;-)

OSLO said...

Well thank you very much for the compliment heathcoate safari - I really appreciate it. I'm also glad I can strike you off my Booker competitors list. If only other writers were the only thing in my way ;-)

Simply-Mel said...

Happy anni girl. And lets face it; not many can claim to be thinner than they were 10yrs ago. Blonder, yes. Richer, definitely possibiltiy. Thinner -not so much!

My son wakes up with these words (as I enter his room)

'Daddy at work, mom?'

Um, yes.

Caroline said...

Happy anniversary!

My daughter knows exactly where to find daddy - she bangs on his office door shouting 'daaadyy' until he opens. I'm sure there are times when he wishes that he did have an office away from home!

Have a good one Jo

Aidan said...

Happy anniversary, I recently made it to 7 so I will be up there with you before long if we can just get over this annoying itch ;-)

samual said...

o gratulerer on teh anniversary! (with that lovely new word my norwegian vocab stands at an impressive 14!) wahey

im insanely jealous of your view

OSLO said...

Thank you Mel, Caroline, Aidan and Samuel.
Mel - chronic anxiety and squats are the secret :-) My girls never asked for their daddy as much as my son does BUT my husband claims that when he goes to get him from his cot he asks for Mommy. Not sure I believe him.
Caroline, I empathise with your husband. My son does not allow me to sit at the computer when he is in the house. No such issues for my husband.
Aidan, well done on 7. Just keep on scratching.
Samuel- 14 words and counting - we all had to start somewhere :) I'm afraid I'm getting very attached to the view too.