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We missed a party last night because I was feeling too sick but that doesn't mean we were stuck for Saturday night entertainment. Mr. Moose hung around for a while before disappearing and then our latest family of deer, which is only barely visible because the grass is so high, came out to play. Makes you realise how long Mr. (or could it be Ms.?) Moose's legs must be.
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beaverboosh said...

Sightings are always high just before hunting season!

Joanne said...

How cool is that a moose in the garden?

OSLO said...

BB - oh I'm far too big a softie for such talk!
Joanne - I think it's pretty darn cool. I can imagine us some day living in the Tropics and reminiscing along the lines of 'when we were in Norway, we used to have moose in the garden'!