Oslo's Gay Pride

I've often wondered where one has to go in Oslo to have fun. People don't exactly go around exuding joie de vivre on a regular basis. Well here is a crowd that really seems to know how to celebrate life, have a good time and be friendly. There was greater joy than usual at this year's Gay and Lesbian Parade in Oslo because of the recent legalisation of gay marriage in Norway. Watching these guys and gals was enough to make me wish I was a lesbian - for a few moments anyway. It didn't seem to have exactly the same effect on my husband but he enjoyed the parade nonetheless.


Joanne Rasmussen said...

I am sure your DH would have loved you to have turned lesbian for a short while! Men are so strange. I love the new look, very funky!!

Kristie said...

I have wondered many drunken nights walking down the streets in Oslo, how I will make it down those cobblestone streets without breaking an ankle. I have only managed by taking my shoes off, or holding on to the arm of my husband for my dear life. Cobblestone streets + high heels = Disaster waiting to happen. Cobblestone streets + high heels + a few too many drinks = A painful disaster waiting to happen. :)