Nuala O'Faolain II

I've just read in the Irish Independent that Nuala O' Faolain, whom I blogged about only four weeks ago, died in Dublin yesterday (sat).


Women Rule Writer said...

We are all very sorry in Galway that Nuala has died. She was truly an extraordinary woman and writer. She always seemed surprised by fans' genuine interest in her and warmth towards her. She came to read from her novel to a libary book group I used to run, simply because she loves libraries. Ar dheis Dé go raibh sí.

laurie said...

that was in our paper here, too, in st. paul. i was very sad to see it. i love her writing, her openness, her honesty, her world view.

godspeed, nuala.

ireneintheworld said...

yeah jo i heard because i followed a link from my blog; someone had googled her name and my blog about her had come up. i'd just been thinking about her and was about to see if she had set up a blog or something, like julia.

my, but that was quick wasn't it? from diagnosis to death in a matter of weeks; you'd hardly be able to organise anything. x