Hot in Oslo

As I'm always quick to complain about the weather when it is bad, I thought I should also tell you when it is good. Very, very good! I pulled over to take this photo of my car display this afternoon so I can gaze at it next January when there's a minus sign in front of the 29.5. Er, who would have thought a car could get so dusty inside? If it wasn't so hot, I'd have been wearing sleeves with which I could have wiped it, but who cares about dust, who cares about anything, when the sun is shining? Long may this summer last (which usually means I'll be posting photos of snow by the end of next week).
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Victoria said...

We are loving this amazing weather! I'm paranoid that I'm gonig to go on vacation and come back to the rain and snow again. Hope not!

beaverboosh said...

Golf season has officially started!