Sorry still no photos. I can hardly see my nose - and it’s a substantial schnoz - for the fog, so that’s the excuse.
I spent this morning queuing up at the local Politi to renew my work/resident’s permit. Baby boy flirted with a very attractive Iranian girl before falling asleep – a man in training, that’s for sure.
Anyway, my visa expired on January 30, but as this date was not marked in massive red lettering on my passport, it passed by without much notice and as a result I should be fined 3000 Nok. But I have come up with a cunning plan to avoid such monetary wastage. As I’ve been living here three years, and am married to a Scandinavian, I am allowed to apply for permanent residency in Norway. As far as I can see there are two advantages to this. Firstly, it means that I no longer have to return to the Politi annually and pay an ever-increasing fee (and now it seems, fines too) to renew my visa. Secondly, it costs 1600 Nok to apply for residency, so even a spendthrift like me can do the math and see the advantages.
Shame I have to fill out a new form and queue up again on Monday but who would have thought that becoming a permanent resident in Norway would be a relative bargain?


ExpatKat said...

Yes, would seem the cheaper way to go. Just think, the residency will also give you access to that wonderful opportunity of voting in local elections too.
When I was there I had the honour of voting for beer to be sold in the local supermarket!

OSLO said...

Oh thatæs good to know kat. I assume you voted yes on the beer thing - can't imagine there'll be anything as important as that to vote on again ;-)

Joanne Rasmussen said...

So do tell, do they sell beer at the local supermarket yet? And I would love to see some foggy photos, it is totally the opposite here, 30 today and humid.

OSLO said...

Yes there's plenty of expensive beer in the supermarkets but no wine or spirits - they're only available at government-run wine monopolies which close at 3 PM on saturdays for the weekend so no last minute party plans allowed in Norway.
The fog is gone, the sky is bright and I'm going to post some pictures from this morning.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it wonderful the way life in Norway is so uneventful that voting for Beer to be sold in the local supermarkets could be considered something worthwhile spending one's energy on!!??
I lived in Norway for 7yrs before returning to my homeland (South Africa)...suffice it to say I will be returning shortly to a wonderful eventless existence and am happy for it! :)