Sommer is coming!

Sommer is arriving today and it's snowing. No, not that summer, or even the Norwegian sommer, but Sommer the Canadian au pair. She’ll probably think it’s relatively warm here and step off the plane in skiis! Anyway, I’m not going to blog about her as that wouldn’t be fair but really, who could resist the temptation to use the attention grabber ‘Sommer is coming!’?
Baby boy is looking forward to staying in every morning to have a leisurely breakfast instead of being yanked from the bed, fed, watered and nappy changed in record time, stuffed very reluctantly into a snowsuit to then sit on a pooey nappy (his timing is impeccable) in a car seat in the dark for the best part of an hour while his sisters get delivered to bus and school. Actually I could wax lyrical about the showers I’ll have alone, or the possibility of a trip to the cinema with my husband, but best not get carried away.
So Canadian readers – ok, the one I know of at least – if there’s any sort of Gathering of the Moose or Society for Maple Syrup Protection in the Oslo/Baerum/Asker område, please drop me a line. Now must go do some cleaning so she doesn't arrive, decide we are pigs, and turn and ski off down the hill again.


beaverboosh said...

Johanna darling,
Our taste in au pairs differs. I have always preferred Swedes, preferably twins about 19, a case of Taittinger and a couple of grams of...apologies, I digress.
I have lived in London most of my adult life so I am not exactly connected to the Canuck community. Mrs. BB passed on a link from a Canadian colleague of an expat club, but they looked all beardy and wrinkled, so I didn't bother. I'd rather hang around with the Irish, easier to find a pub!
Anyway, if you would like me to dig it up, or would like any advice on matters of Canada or Canadians, drop me a gmail, I'd be happy to help out (that is very Canadian).

Joanne Rasmussen said...

Lucky fish!