Liar, liar, pants on fire.

On Thursday evening, my five-year old said, “Mummy, you said that it always rains in Ireland and it isn’t”. She may as well have said, "Mummy, you're a big fat liar and don't know everything". She, of the extremely short memory when it suits her, had forgotten the incessant rain between Christmas and New Year – or maybe she didn’t notice as she didn’t step outside the house. Friday morning, she looks out the window and squeals, “Hey, look it’s snowing, it’s snowing”. And sure it was, big dollops of the stuff falling from the Irish sky, or, as the kids put it, it was like hoards of white bugs dropping to the ground. “But Mummy, you said that it NEVER snows in Ireland”. Er, well, it doesn’t, normally. Within an hour the snow had turned to driving rain and normal climatic conditions were restored whilst I had been exposed as a liar twice in 24 hours.
Well we’re back in Oslo now, where the white bugs are really falling fast, the tip of my nose is chilled and my feet are sighing relief at not being squeezed into high heels for the first time in a fortnight. No more 24-hour (or even 7-day opening) supermarkets, no more lovely English-language newspapers and television news, and no more idle chatter with people in the street/elevator/shops/queue. I think my weather predictions might just be better here than in Ireland though. “Yes darlings,” I said this morning, “it’s snow, and it’s going to be falling for the next three months, so get used to it”. Let’s hope I’m wrong. On this one I think I can bear being branded a liar.


CeliaHukins said...

He will not forget. When he is 30 and you are (what? well maybe free of them?) he will still tell you how foolish you were.
(We found your website when I was trying to explain social networking to David)

OSLO said...

Would that be what is otherwise referred to as teaching an old dog new tricks ;-)

mogLi said...

Hehehe,,,kids can be so delightful! Came here by way of your main site. Was reading your old articles at Telegraph when you were still in Phili. Witty and funny style I must say! Keep it up!

Caroline said...

I get caught out regularly - it's strange that memory thing isn't it! So understand what you mean by missing the idle chatter, Most Norwegians don't do that well do they.

beaverboosh said...

It will snow unitl May in Narnia!
Happy New Year to you and yours!
And welcome back!

TorAa said...

You are a born liar. LOL.
To day it's raining, at least in Oslo South.
I think it's better with some snow, to lighten up the nature during the long nights, than bare fields.

But I see your points: shops closing and people are not very talkative when packed in with winter clothings

ps. Nice blog