The grumpy immigrant

Yesterday's Aftenposten reported that the Norwegian government are starting a programme of affirmative action in a bid to help immigrants get jobs in the public sector. Twelve public bodies will "give 'positive special treatment' to immigrants when they have approximately the same qualifications as other applicants". Oh maybe Santa Claus is going to bring me a nice new job after all.
I'm just waiting to slot into the over-qualified, over-the-hill, foreign mothers with attitude and bad Norwegian pronunciation, who have spent too many years doing laundry and school runs instead of sitting at board meetings and schmoozing with clients quota, and then I'll be sorted.


beaverboosh said...

I will join you as the over-qualified global blue chip executive who is lucky to get a job serving coffee at meetings because, "things don't work like that here", in reference to how business practices work in Norway compared to pretty much every where else in the world!

Kristie said...

So does that mean you'll need someone to watch the kids too? wink wink :) From, Kristie in Norway

OSLO said...

Ha! Ha! Kirstie, I guarantee that you won't want to make your way up our snowy hill to babysit. Will email you when we get settled back in :-)