I ain’t no cat lover but a sheet posted on the notice board of my local shop couldn’t fail to stir some emotion today. Below a photograph of a pussy cat were words to the effect of
– ‘If you are the person who ran down our beloved moggy last week at the junction nearby, we just want you to know that our precious pet lay suffering for hours before she was found and by the time we got her to the vet it was too late to save her. If you had been a better person, you could have got help for her straight away and she would defintely have survived’. At the bottom was a cellphone number.
Aww! I can’t believe that the person who runs over a cat and doesn’t stop is going to call up and try to make amends but I guess the pet lovers are hoping to punish the perpetrator by targeting their guilty conscience. The poster is just oozing anger and hopefully creating it was in some way cathartic for the grieving cat owner. It sure got me anyway.
photo courtesy of http://www.catfacts.org

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Kristie said...

Awww...how sweet, but a little weird!