It's hard to be a (hairy) woman.

What a rare, happy tear-jerker it was to see and hear the news of Alan Johnston’s release on the BBC. And what a man! He spoke with obvious relief and incredible clarity and eloquence, coming across as a very likable chap. It was also very heartening to see his photo on the home page of the Guardian Unlimited today, complete with the headline ‘BBC man celebrates with haircut’. Yes poor Alan was certainly in need of a close encounter with a no.1 blade when he was released.
This put me in mind of the scenario if I was to be held in captivity. Ever since the era of Brian Keenan and John McCarthy, I have imagined what this might be like. I know two things for certain. I would almost definitely incite murder (my own). My unreasonable and diva-like behaviour should I be forced to go without food for two hours would be enough to drive the most reasonable man to chop my head off. Don’t dare come between me and my elevated sugar levels or we are bound to fall out. But even worse! In the unlikely event that I was to escape or be released, I’d have to appear before the world’s press without makeup, with overgrown bushy eyebrows and legs, and a moustache akin to that of Tom Selleck in his Magnum PI days. Yet again, another scenario in which it would be harder for a (hairy) woman.

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RennyBA said...

Here from BlogFlux where I saw you listed by Norway.

Nice to meet you and you really have a great blog - good to see my country through your eyes too. I'm married to an American so I know how you might feel.

Btw: great picture :-)