A Moose at the Hoose

It just shows that I don’t have to leave the comfort of my computer chair to have a little bit of excitement. In fact I nearly fainted when I looked out the window and saw this!
It was a massive, I mean massive – bigger than a horse- moose running through our driveway, into the side garden and then off down the field out the back. The only other moose I‘ve ever seen is the animated kind on Brother Bear.
Yes, I now have something else to worry about – rampaging mooses, or whatever the plural is. My husband thinks it was only a calf – I just hope I never come across its mother!

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Mid-lifer said...

So that's what a moose looks like! (is it female? thought they had antlers). Expat life has it's perks.
Hi from one ex-trailing spouse to another trailer. Thanks for posting on my blog - don't feel so lonely now.