Hey Sexy!

Well we’re a week into our holiday and despite the rain we’re having a great time. Hubbie is slightly devastated by Rasmussen’s exit from the Tour de France, and we didn’t win the Lotto Jackpot last night, but these are really only small complaints.
I’ve bought an atrociously expensive pair of shoes, which I am now afraid to remove from the box in case I damage them, and have been to the hairdresser twice for a wash and blow-dry. And believe me, each time has been the best 20 euros I’ve ever spent. Within moments of leaving the salon the first time, two young men whistled at me and shouted ‘hey sexy!” Norwegians don’t even say ‘hello’ for goodness sake. Boy did I hold my head high that day. Needless to say I wasn’t sporting leaking nipples or haranguing three children along the street at the time.
Friday night I am going out for dinner with a girlfriend without hubbie or children. I’ll have my hair done again and wear my shoes. It’ll be my first night out ‘alone’ since a girls’ cinema trip three years ago. Gosh, life doesn’t get much better than this, even in the rain!

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Farfallina - Roam 2 Rome said...

It's so true!! In Italy you'd get a million "Ciao, Bella"s but in Norway THAT IS rare! :)

Enjoy your evening out with the girls! :)