The smooth-soled Dutchman

I never buy cosmetics in Norway as it’s disgracefully overpriced e.g Dermalogica products cost TWICE as much as in Ireland. You know when sometimes you get a gift of goodies when you buy two Clinique products in Boots or a department store? Well, here you get to BUY the 'gift' for around 40 quid if you buy two products. Anyway, I only buy my stuff at the airport or get someone else to. As summer is here it’s a little bit late to be getting my footsies in order but nonetheless I asked hubby to buy foot smoothing cream on his way through Duty Free. He did - on the way out of Oslo.
Tonight some Dutchman, or his wife, is slathering my cream on their tootsies as said Dutchman confiscated my cream from my husband on his way through security at Schipol Airport because the tube contained more than 100ml of…. foot smoothing cream. Thank you terrorists for my hard-soled feet – you’re winning the war! The Clarins sun cream for the kids, of which there is also 120 ml, is safely winging its way home as I write. I guess that didn’t look as menacing. Or maybe the Dutchman doesn’t have any kids ;-)


Karen said...

What a brilliant idea -- the airport! I'm filing that away for next time I've got an extended stay away from home.

K said...

I just wanted to say I've been enjoying your blog as I'm preparing to move to Norway myself.
I have been there once and since I left my eyelash curler at home, and had to buy one there I am all to aware of the prices of cosmetics. SO I am stocking up on a few months worth to bring with me and have arranged to have it sent to me whenever I need it. But its nice to hear someone else feels the same way!