Home, sweet home

by Jørgen Haugen Sørensen

We’ve just arrived back from a week in Copenhagen where the kids got to play with their cousins and I learned a few useful lessons:
1. Every second car in Sweden is either a Volvo or a Saab (we drove through Sweden, twice).
2. The microwave in Swedish McDonald’s, provided for heating baby food, is cleaner than the one in my kitchen; in fact you could safely eat your dinner off its innards. Their toilets also appear to be cleaner than mine. Probably wouldn't risk eating from one though.
3. When faced with the nightmare of sleeping in a room with blinds as thin as tissue paper, on a street that’s brightly lit 24/7, black knickers make a useful eye mask. It is however advisable to remove them from one’s head before getting out of bed and facing the in-laws. G-strings are a very poor substitute.
4. It is possible to really dislike one’s children when they and you are over-tired, they and you have turned into quick-tempered, rude monsters and you are in one of the best cities in Europe for museums and shopping but can access neither because everything is shut over Easter and/or the children cannot be relied on to allow you a moment’s free-thinking space to absorb great art.
5. No matter how wretched the experience a gurgling, happy baby can still make your heart swell, especially if it is your own.
6. There is no place like home (even when you arrive back to find winter has returned and you must now drive on snow in summer tyres)!

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Panta Rei said...

yes when i was a child and we drove thru sweden my mother would try and keep us children quiet by having a game where we'd pick and count the makes of cars going by...
i did my best to choose volvo :-)

enjoying the blog
sitting in wellington quay in a sunny dublin