At last....


arrived at 10.47 PM, Monday, November 27, 2006.

What felt like the longest early labour in history turned into a 45-minute

sprint from proper pain to push!

He weighed 3.910 kg and was 51 cm long, 10 days before his due date.

We're home from

hospital, figuring out how to keep Aidan warm without suffocating him. Against all previous instincts we even bought a baby duvet today but aren't daring to actually use it yet.

The best comments from Aidan's older sisters:

"Mommy, why is your tummy still fat? Is there another baby in there because I'd like another so we can have two boys and two girls."

"Oh he has a really small willy" followed by much guffawing and laughter. Poor Aidan, already at the mercy of his sisters!

"Did the baby have clothes on in your tummy, Mommy?"

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