When snow gets ugly

Oh joy! It’s amazing how sweet the sound of melting ice can be. There’s constant dripping of water from the roof, the snow piled up along the roads is now a disgusting brown/black/grit colour and today I actually spotted some bare pavement. Driving on naked road surfaces is a joy. I probably shouldn’t get too excited about this temporary thaw as the temperatures are due to plunge below zero again in the next few days but gosh I can smell spring and it feels good. The brief elation triggered by the sight of a stream of water trickling down the hill is probably enough to sustain me until real spring arrives, in oh about, May.
Another sign of impending season-change is the abundance of brightly-patterned, lightweight clothes in the shops, as well as the appearance of a few pairs of shoes among the racks and racks of ugly boots. Shops that are hidden away in shopping centres must be doing well as customers bunkered in forget that it’s -7°C with knee-deep snow outside. Or is that just me, the new owner of this ‘season’s’ must-have floral-motif summer dress and white cotton updated-military jacket both of which now hang forlornly awaiting their handful of days in the sun.
Well it seems that the mere prospect of better weather (and release from its shackles) is enough to cheer me up. I reckon the birds I heard twittering today for the first time in months must feel the same way. Just look at all that ugly, sludgy snow, they’re singing. Isn’t it beautiful?!

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